Planning a wedding is an exciting time, and there is a great deal to think about. Whatever stage you are at, we are here to help and support you.

When a couple marry they make lifelong vows to each other in the presence of God. In the wedding service we celebrate their love for each other and give thanks to God who is the source of all our love. The rings that are the symbol of their commitment are blessed, the couple are blessed, and the ceremony ends with the blessing of all those gathered to support them.


Getting married at St. Lawrence Jewry.

It is possible to get married at St. Lawrence Jewry. However, in addition to legal eligibility, one of you must also qualify to be entered onto the church electoral roll through at least one of the following:

  • Regular worship at St. Lawrence Jewry (i.e. have attended regularly for a period of at least six months)
  • Been baptised at St. Lawrence Jewry or had your confirmation entered into the church register.
  • Had at any time your usual place of residence within the City of London for at least six months.
  • Had a parent or grandparent be married at St. Lawrence Jewry.
  • Be a member or employee of the City of London Corporation or City of London Police.
  • Be a Liveryman of a Livery Company connected to the church (these are listed on the Livery page of the website)
  • Be a serving or veteran member of one of the two regiments or associated regimental associations connected with the church (these are listed on the Military page of the website)).
  • Be a Freeman of the City of London.


At least one of you must have been baptised (Christened).

We are unable to hold weddings during the month of December or during Lent (unless through exceptional circumstances discussed with the vicar).

The main church seating capacity is around 190, extendable to around 300 if the Commonwealth Chapel and additional chairs used too.


What to do next.

If you are eligible to marry here and wish to discuss this further, the next step is to be in touch with us on 020 7600 9478 or email We will take contact details and invite you to meet with the Guild Vicar to begin the arrangement. You will need to bring your passports and proof of address. As planning moves forward we can provide you with resources to help you plan the day; information for guests, guidance about music and readings, etc.


Marriage Frequently Asked Quesions

How old must I be to get married?

The legal age of marriage in England and Wales is 18 under the The Marriage and Civil Partnership (Minimum Age) Act 2022. This means that 16 and 17 year olds are no longer allowed to marry or enter a civil partnership, even if they have parental consent.

When can the wedding be held?

The wedding must take place between 8am and 6pm on any day. At St. Lawrence Jewry, we are unable to hold weddings during the month of December or during the period of Lent (contact us to discuss options).

I am divorced, what are the guidelines on remarriage?

There are special guidelines on marriage in the church if you are divorced. You will need to talk the Guild Vicar about your situation to explore the possibilities for you. Read more about marriage after divorce.

What special licences do we need?

As St. Lawrence Jewry is not a parish church, you will need a Special Licence, Common Licence or a Superintendant Registrars Marriage Schedule to marry in this church. The Guild Vicar will let you know which of these apply to you. The granting of licences and schedules incurs additional fees and are bound by timescales.

What documents will I need?

  • All couples will need to show the Guild Vicar their passport as proof of nationality and a recent utility bill as proof of address. If you don’t have a passport, there are other documents which could be acceptable, ask the Guild Vicar about this.

  • If either or both of you are divorced, you will need to bring your decree absolute for the Guild Vicar to see.

  • You will also be asked to provide evidence of your connection to the church, such as utility bills which show you live or have lived in the City of London, livery membership, freedom certificate, or your parents’ marriage certificate if they were married there, for example. The Guild Vicar will guide you on acceptable documents for your particular connection.

How much will it cost?

Other than the statutory fees charged (e.g. for the church, vicar, licenses), every wedding is different and so therefore are the costs. The Guild Vicar will discuss the costs associated with a wedding service at St. Lawrence Jewry when you meet.

Same-sex marriage legislation

The law prevents ministers of the Church of England from carrying out same-sex marriages. And although there are no authorised services for blessing a same-sex civil marriage, St. Lawrence Jewry can still support you with prayer. At any time you are welcome to come and pray with us, or ask us to pray for you, or you might just need space for yourself.

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