The Bells

The original peal of eight bells to be included in Wren’s post-fire church was cast at the Whitechapel Bell Foundry. When installed, they weighed 115cwt. However, after the devastating fire following the bombing in 1940, all that remained of them was around 25cwt. of melted metal, which was incorporated in the present peal.


The present bells, also cast at Whitechapel, were installed in 1957 and are smaller than those in Wren’s church. Because of the fire damage and consequent possible weakening of the structure it was felt that a lighter peal might more suitable. For the best tonal effect they were placed lower in the tower, where space was more limited. Although they are smaller than those originally installed, the bells of St. Lawrence Jewry are considered by many to be the best peal of eight in the City.


In addition to those in the tower, there is one small bell on the south west roof of the church which was installed during the latter years of the war to call the faithful to worship in the temporary 'Tower Chapel'. It bears the inscription, “EECE POST IGNE, VOX”, (tr. "after the fire, a voice"). This bell is still used before services.


The bells of St. Lawrence Jewry:

                  Diam.        Weight      Note                                 Diam.        Weight      Note

Tenor         4’ 3”         c/24.3.2.      E                           4th       2’ 11”        c/8.1.6.       B

7th             3’ 9”          17.0.23.      F                           3rd       2’ 9”             7.1.7.       C

6th             3’ 5”           12.2.9.       G                           2nd      2’ 7”             6.0.13.     D

5th             3’ 21/2’”     10.1.15.      A                       Treble      2’ 6”             5.3.21.      E

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