The St Lawrence Lectures and Rules for the Conduct of Life


Rules for the Conduct of Life

"This book could change your life"...

We are pleased to announce the revised publication of this legendary book, undertaken by Canon David Parrot. It is a translation of a book written for those who live in the City of London and has traditionally been given to all new Freemen of the City of London on their admission by the Chamberlain. This seems a particularly appropriate time to be considering the business ethics of the City of London, and as Canon Parrot writes, "Despite its age, it is as relevant today as any book on leadership and business management."

Each book comes with a coloured sleeve illustrating a chapter of the book, making it an ideal gift for family, friends or colleagues.

The book is £10 and is on sale from the St Lawrence Jewry Office. Do pop in or email us here.  


The St Lawrence Lectures

The publication of Rules for the Conduct of Life coincides with a series of lectures being given at St Lawrence Jewry by a number of eminent people. The first, entitled “Consider your ways”, was held on Monday 29th November 2010 and was given by Stephen Green, Group Chairman of HSBC.  The second, entitled "The Price of Honesty", was held on Thursday 10th November 2011 and was given by Stephen Timms, MP and Paul Moore.  The third Lecture entitled "Selfless Gain" was given by 2 speakers.  One of which was Ms Margaret Heffernan, an entrepreneuer, CEO and author of "Wilful Blindness", a by-word being used in today's media due to the Leveson Inquiry about Rupert Murdoch testimonies in the News of the World phone-hacking scandal.  The other speaker was a young banker named Andrew Fisher who will discuss the need to maintain a conscience and a sense of support for each other.  To get the text of Ms Heffernan speech, please click Margaret Heffernan Lecture.

The most recent Lawrence Lecture was on Thursday 15th October 2015 at 6pm.  Entitled "God & Mrs Thatcher" given by Dr Eliza Filby, the lecture, based on her book with the same title and using the Rules for the Conduct of Life as her refences, offered some crucial and illuminating insights into the aims, character and possible unintended consequences of capitalism, technology and disruption in the 21st century.

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