Christmas 2020 @ St Lawrence Jewry


Carol Services and Concerts December 2020 @ St Lawrence Jewry
Date / Time Event / Company


Tuesday  1st     1:00pm


Organ Recital

LSMF Carol Service

Wednesday  2nd  2:00pm



U3A Christmas Concert

Haberdashers' Monmouth School Carol Service

Thursday  3rd  6:30pm

University of Exeter Alumni Carol Service

Friday     6th   11:00am

Candlewick Ward Carol Service

Monday 7th  1:00pm   


Piano Recital

Meningitis Now Carols by Candlelights

Tuesday 8th      1:00pm


Organ Recital

Tobacco Pipe Makers  Carol Service

Wednesday 9th  2:00pm


U3A Christmas Concert

Loriners Carol Service

Thursday 10th  6:30pm

Constructors/Chartered Architects/Guild of Entrepreneurs Joint Carol Service


Monday 14th     1:00pm


Piano Recital

Distillers Carol Service

Tuesday 15th    1:00pm



Seasonal Readings with Choir Music

RMA Carol Service

Chartered Surveyors Carol Service

Wednesday 16th  7:00pm

Gurkha Welfare Trust Carols by Candlelight
Thursday    17th     
Friday  18th