The idea of getting married in church is back on the agenda. St  Lawrence is a Guild Church, which means it has some slightly  different rules about weddings, but we would love to discuss your  needs and see whether we can help.


 In order to be married in the church, you would need to have some  specific link with us. As the official church of the City of London  Corporation, the link will need to be one of the following:

  • A regular worshipper at the church.
  • Staff and members of the City of London Corporation (staff at any CoLC site are eligible)
  • Liverymen of any Livery Company.
  • A member of one of the two regiments or regimental associations connected with the church: the Royal Marines and the Parachute Regiment. 
  • Employed in one of the office buildings immediately adjacent to the church.
  • Freemen of the City of London
  • Holding your reception in a City Livery Company Hall or premises owned by the City of London Corporation, including Guildhall and Royal Exchange. 
  • Holding your reception in one of a limited number of local restaurants in the area immediately adjacent to the church (please ask about this before committing to a reception venue).

The main church seating capacity is around 190, but extra seating can be accommodated up to 260; 300 if the Commonwealth Chapel, located by the side, is used as well.

Note: at least one party to the marriage must be baptised (christened) for the wedding to take place here (please ask for more details if you wish). Also, we don't do weddings in the months of August or December.


What to do next.


If you have read this page and think you may be entitled to marry here the next step is to ring the Vicar, David Parrott on 02076009478. He will take contact details and advise whether we can take a booking. Then he will fix a booking interview which will take around an hour to sort out all the paperwork. You will need to bring your passports. As things move along we have lots of resources to help you plan your wedding. Information for guests, guidance about music and readings, deals with local hotels and so on. We aim to make it as easy as possible. Remember, we have done all this before.