September - December 2014 Piano Programme

St Lawrence Jewry Monday Lunchtime Piano Recitals

September to December 2014



Monday 1 September                                                                                  Shu-Wei Tseng

Sonata No. 8 Op. 13 “Pathetique” (1798                                                                       L. V. Beethoven

  1. Grave – Allegro di molto e con brio
  2. Adagio cantable
  3. Rondo: Allegro

Gaspard de la nuit: Trois poèmes pour d’après Aloysius

Bertrand (1908), I. Ondine                                                                                                 M. Ravel

Fantasy in F minor, Op. 49 (1841)                                                                                  F. Chopin


Monday 8 September                                                                                Mikhail Shilyaev

Sonata Op 109                                                                                                       Beethoven

Ballade N1, Op 23                                                                                                       Chopin

Two Nocturnes  Op 15

Scherzo N2, Op 31


Monday 15 September                                                                               Maria Marchant

Conflicts and Memories - the First World War

London Pieces                                                                                                             Ireland

i.    Chelsea Reach

ii.   Ragamuffin

iii.  Soho Forenoons


Etude - Tableaux No V in E flat minor                                                               Rachmaninoff


Le Tombeau de Couperin                                                                                              Ravel

i.    Prelude

ii.   Fugue

iii.   Forlane

iv.   Riagaudon

v.    Menuet

vi.  Toccata


Monday 22 September                                                                                 Gamal Khamis

Sonata in E minor, Op 90                                                                                       Beethoven

1   Mit Lebhaftigkeit und durchaus mit Empfindung und Ausdruck

11 Nicht zu geschwind und sehr singbar vorgetragen

Ballade, Op 90 No 1                                                                                       Robin Holloway

Polonaise-Fantaisie, Op 61                                                                                         Chopin                                                                  

Monday 29 September                                                                               Catalina Garcia

Prelude and Fugue No 5 from the 48 in D Major BWV 874                                           Bach

Pathetique Sonata                                                                                                 Beethoven

Ballada No 3 in G minor                                                                                             Brahms

Moonscape                                                                                               Edwin Roxborough

Monday 6 October                                                      Konstantin Lapshin   

Programme to be announced

Konstantin Lapshin performs through the joint St Lawrence Jewry and Worshipful Company of Musicians Scheme for young prizewinners of the Company


Monday 13 October                                                                                          Alice Pinto

Holiday Diary Op 5                                                                                                      Britten

Work to be confirmed                                                                                   Matthew Arnold


Monday 20 October                                                                                         Dina Duisen

Fantasia in D minor, K397                                                                                          Mozart

Sonata in A minor, K310

2 Mazurkas, Op 38 and Op 57                                                                               A. Lyadov               

2 Mazurkas, Op 24 and Op 66                                                                            Saint-Seans

‘Legend of the Dombra‘                                                                                  N. Mendygaliev


Monday 27 October                                                                                   John Paul Ekins

Pictures at an Exhibition                                                                                 M. Mussorgsky


Monday 3 November                                                                          Manuel Lopez Jorge

Prelude and Fugue BWV 867 in B flat minor                                                                Bach

Sonata KV457 in C minor                                                                                          Mozart

  1.   Molto Allegro
  2.   Adagio
  3.  Allegro assai

Sonata No 2 Op 35                                                                                                     Chopin

  1.  Grave-Doppio movimento
  2. Scherzo
  3.  Marche funebre
  4.  Finale: Presto                                         


Monday 10 November                                                                                     James Kirby

Sonata in F sharp major Op 78                                                                            Beethoven

  1. Adagio cantabile-Allegro ma non troppo
  2. Allegro vivace

Images Book 2                                                                                                        Debussy

  1.   Cloches a travers les feuilles
  2.   Et la lune descend sur le temple qui fut
  3.  Poissons d’or

Impromptu in A flat Op 29                                                                                          Chopin

Nocturne in D flat Op 27 No 2

Nocturne in B Op 62 No 1

Valse in A flat Op 34 No 1


Monday 17 November                                                                                  Renee Reznek

Preludes flasques pour un chien                                                                            Erik Satie

  1.  Voix d’interieu
  2. Idylle cynique
  3. Chanson canine
  4. Sous la Futaille

Barcarolle                                                                                                        Peter Klatzow

Hade TaTa (Sorry Father)                                                                               Neo Muyanga

(commissioned by Renee Reznek in 2013 in tribute to Nelson Mandela)

Images Book 2                                                                                                        Debussy

i  Cloches a travers les feuilles

ii Et la lune descend sur le temple qui fut

iii Poissons d’or


Monday 24 November                                                                               Yoon Seok-Shin

Piano Sonata No 13 in B flat major, K333                                                                  Mozart

  1.  Allegro
  2. Andante cantabile
  3. Allegretto grazioso

Fantasie in C major, Op 15 D760 ‘Wanderer‘                                                          Schubert

Allegro con fuoco ma non troppo-Adagio-Presto-Allegro

Toccata for Piano                                                                                            Pierre Sancan


Monday 1 December                                                                     Harry Nowakowski-Fox

Piano Sonata in C sharp minor Op 27,No 2 ‘Moonlight‘                                      Beethoven                    

Nocturne in C sharp minor Op 27, No 1                                                                    Chopin

Sonata No 2 in B flat minor, Op 35


Monday 8 December                                                                                  Bela Hartmann

Polonaise In A, Op 40, No 1                                                                                      Chopin


Ballade in F minor, Op 52

Lyric Pieces                                                                                                                 Grieg

Three movements from Petrouchka                                                                    Stravinsky                   

Monday 15 December                                                           Maya Irgalina   

Melodiya                                                                                      Rachmaninov (arr Volodos)

Sonata No 1 Op 11                                                                                                Schumann

Fantasie-Impromptu                                                                                                    Chopin

Maya Irgalina performs through the joint St Lawrence Jewry and Worshipful Company of Musicians Scheme for young prizewinners of the Company