60th Anniversary Appeal

60th Anniversary Appeal


It was a great sadness that due to a small health issue I was not at the 60th Anniversary Service last Wednesday.  This was a wonderful celebration of 60 years since the restoration of the church following the blitz, although as we all know there has been a church in the site for many centuries before that.

The 60th Anniversary year is due to be a great opportunity to celebrate. Katrina has been working on a programme of events and we will notify you about them as the year goes on.

During this year we hope to raise some funds to replace the wooden doors inside the church with glass doors. The wood doors are glazed with glass which made the Health and Safety officer from Guildhall go pale at the gills. So we have to do something about them. Here is our opportunity!

The idea is simple.

We invite anyone who is willing to donate to the project in units of £60 (60 being the diamond figure). You may wish to give several units of £60. Or one. You may need to spread the cost over 12 months with a standing order of units of £5 per month. Chose what you can do. Very many of you will not feel you need to limit your gift in memory of your relationship with St Lawrence Jewry to just one unit of £60. For others, a gift of £60 is a challenge, and I want to assure each and every one of you that every gift to God’s work is of equal value in his eyes.

If there is a surplus it will be used for employing an intern who wants to learn about ministry. This will be a really positive balance between fabric and ministry.

We plan to keep a book of gifts during the year. Perhaps you would like to give £60 in memory of someone or a number of people. Perhaps you would like to give £60 in thanksgiving for a marriage or for the baptism of your children, for a member of your family no longer with us who loved the church, or just because you love it yourself!

There is a giving form attached alongside this message which you can use and return to us. It helps our financial administration if any bank arrangement is passed through our hands first.  Please use ‘Diamond’ as a reference when making payments.